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01. Our mission:

Video is essential for any business that wants to be relevant today & sell more online. We know how time-consuming and painful it is to make videos when really it shouldn't be. We believe that right now the typical video production process isn't in line with the current demand for high-quality social-first videos. You see we've been there, going through hundreds of freelancer portfolios & applications, reading confusing licencing agreements & contracts, we get it. it sucks.


Our mission is to simplify the video production process for clients without sacrificing quality.

02. We are marketers first then creatives.

With our background in E-commerce and online sales, we originally built our own internal e-commerce brand through video production & digital marketing strategies. We decided to branch out and pursue the more creative side of business by offering everything video production to some of the biggest brands in the world.

03. Our content

We create storytelling video content that evokes desire and inspires viewers to take action. We take our video inspiration directly from world-class cinematography & combine it with the latest digital marketing video trends. We use a range of equipment & creative strategy to execute dynamic engaging videos for your next idea, project or campaign.

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