Promotional Video Production

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"

Strategic Videos For Every Campaign

Visual Rose offers a range of Promotional Video Production Services from from interviews & corporate videos to full scale commercials on custom sets. We work with clients across the UK and beyond to create captivating video content & bespoke marketing campaign assets that drive sales and brand awareness.

Bespoke approach

We don't offer fixed packages that limit creativity or templates that churn out the same videos for clients every time. We offer bespoke video marketing services  for bespoke marketing problems.

Why us?

We are a digital first video production studio we understand what type video content works across digital platforms. We understand how to leverage video as part of your consumers journey and user experience, how audiences engage with video content online & the importance of video in driving conversions & boosting ROI.


We’ve helped large international brand tell their stories through video, from product launches to event videos & visuals all while engaging their audiences & converting them into paying customers. Our process has allowed us to help brands grow in visibility & brand awareness, improve social engagement & drive conversion rates. 


We use a range of unique video production techniques that can increase the creative output from your investment without excessively increasing production costs, often video production is a perfect way to execute and tick off multiple marketing & business development objectives at once, you can make highlight reels, sales pitch videos, interviews, website banners, assets for your socials, investment pitch videos and a whole lot more just from a few days of filming. - We bulk shoot & develop multiple variations of creative videos, this also allow you to distribute multiple targeted videos for you to test out, learn, optimise and drive advertising effectiveness.

Our Process:


Creative Direction & Story Boarding

We understand that every campaign has different needs to be met, which is why we start off with  an initial consolation reviewing your overall objectives & Key performance indicators as well as discussing brand goals & target audience. 


Plan & Pre-Production

Planning is half the battle. With out a solid pre-production plan everything else falls apart. We liaise with your marketing team to generate ideas & concepts that are on brand.


We use efficient project management & production processes to oversee all aspects of your video production from planing, ideation, location scouting, through to scripting, pre-production, shooting and post-production.


Production & Creating

Once the video is designed, we pull together a custom team of film makers, photographers & visual artists to make your video and ideas come to life bulk create your based on your objectives, budget & scale. 


We'll handle all logistics and planning including all contracted freelance creatives & talent, transport & accommodation as well as a packed itinerary for the shoot.



& Delivery

Editing & optimising the content for your platform

the professional content is delivered to your brand for you to push out to your audience and enhance your campaign further.

Some Of Our Work:

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